For our walk-in customers, we offer our "Roberts Laundromat Wash Club" punch cards.  Each card has seven washes - get 6 punches and receive $3.50 towards your next washer or dryer load.roberts laundromat customer

Having us do your laundry?  We have a Wash Club punch card for that, too!  Each card has seven punches - have 6 laundries done at $1.35 / lb. and the 7th is only $1.25 / lb.roberts laundromat customer savings card

Our "Roberts Laundromat Wash Club" punch cards are accepted at either of our Laundromat locations:  Belmont and Laconia

Laundromat Hours
Our Laundromat is open 7 days a week:
 — Every day from 5am to midnight

Attendants are on duty 7 days a week:
 — Mon-Sat from 8am-7pm
 — Sundays from 9am-7pm

Please take notice...
Our doors lock automatically at 12am!

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